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Custom Work

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You can already tell that we LOVE what we do. We also love working directly with clients in and around Southern Wisconsin regions to design the perfect custom-painted furniture piece for your home or office. We use a variety of Dixie Belle paints and finishes including various waxes, and our own tricks of the trade. We can also color match paint to almost any color you may already have your heart set on.

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  1. Step one is to contact Sharon at Beautifully Blemished.  Should you email, please include pictures of your furniture as well as any links (Pinterest works great for this) or attachments to inspiration shots.

  2. Sharon will consider all options to breathe new life into your piece and will email you back with an estimate and work options as well as a window to drop off your items at the workshop in Portage, Wisconsin.

  3. Please be prepared to deposit 50% of the estimated price and set finish date. Full payment and pickup will be due at this agreed-upon date.

  4. When finished expect communication from Beautifully Blemished on your new to you piece.

Here's how it works


Have you seen our


Canoes are the site to see in Portage this summer, but not the ones floating along on the river.

The Portage Chamber of Commerce helped launch a summer art display called Canoes on Parade. At various locations around the area, you’ll find nine, nine-foot-tall canoes. The canoes were hand-painted by local artists and are now on display. Ours is located at Portage Lumber - completely done with Dixie Belle products! 

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