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100% Natural Howdy Do Hemp Oil is the perfect choice for a non-toxic sealant for your furniture. Howdy Do Hemp Oil will protect your furniture for years from moisture and UV damage. Our food safe Howdy Do Hemp Oil is great for reconditioning your kitchen cutting boards and wooden utensils.


Simply use a lint free rag or Applicator Pad to apply a thin layer of Howdy Do Hemp Oil. Very dry areas will dry to the touch in less than an hour but most areas will take longer. Make sure to remove excess Howdy Do Hemp Oil by buffing. You can apply 2 to 3 coats for extra durability. 


  • This product comes in an 8 oz. container.
  • May ship directly from Dixie Belle via FedEx


Please Note:

*For external use only and not for ingesting

*Product doesn't include ANY CBD or THC in it's composition.

Howdy-Do Hempseed Oil - Dixie Belle Paint Company - 8oz

SKU: 815146025714
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