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Elevate your decor with our Baroque Swirls Waterslide Transfer. Effortlessly add an opulent flair to any surface. Easy to apply and versatile, it's the perfect way to infuse your projects with timeless elegance.

How To Use:

Note: Wait 24 hours after applying the last coat of paint before using Water Slide Transfer.

Step 1: Clean the piece with a dry cloth and wipe away any dust or debris.

Note: For unpainted surfaces clean with White Lightning then rinse with clean water.

Step 2: Align the transfer on your piece the color side faces down, and the gray side up. The gray side will assist you in aligning the transfer with your project.

Step 3: Using a wet lint-free rag, generously apply water to the white backing of your design. Ensure that the backing becomes sufficiently wet.

Note: For the best results, leave the rag lying on the gray side to thoroughly saturate the paper.

Step 4: Allow the transfer to sit for approximately 3 minutes, occasionally giving a light brushing with Dixie Belle THING-A-MA-JIG to ensure it lies completely flat.

Note: Be sure to hold the transfer steady with one hand while burnishing to prevent any slipping. For larger transfers, you can extend the time to 12 minutes.

Step 5: Slowly lift the backing paper to check if your design has transferred. If you notice some areas haven’t adhered, gently lay back down' add more water, and wait for another minute before trying again.

Step 6: After applying if there are any bubbles that are not lying flat, gently apply pressure with the Blue Decoupage Transfer tool

The Transfer is 4 sheets, 8.3" x 11.7" each sheet.



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